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With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, now is a great time to start considering what resolutions to make for 2020. When you have children, resolutions become about more than just losing x amount of pounds by the summer. In fact, getting your children involved in the tradition of setting goals for the new year is a great way to teach them about persistence and hard work to achieve these goals. It is also a fun tradition that they can look forward to each year as they grow. 

The most important thing to remember when setting up New Year’s resolutions with children is to keep them positive. Specify what they will do, instead of making goals centered around what they will not do. The children should be involved in setting these goals and tracking their progress along the way. The goals should be specific to each child, but here are some basics for inspiration. 


Eating Healthy

Rather than a broad resolution to eat healthier as a family, work with your children to come up with specific and measurable goals. For example, try specifying a specific number of fruits or veggies to each with each meal. Instead of setting a goal for your child to eat more vegetables, set a goal for your child to eat 5 bites of vegetables at dinner each night, for example. They will like the interactivity of the goals and it avoids the vegetables on their plate from being an unwanted surprise. 


Reducing Screen Time

Television and interactive tablets are an easy way to keep children entertained, especially in public places or while you are busy trying to get things done around the house. While every parenting style is unique, cutting down on screen time is a great resolution for children and adults alike. Try suggesting that one hour before bedtime, children relax with a book or a puzzle rather than television. Not only will this help to unwind their minds before sleep, but it is a fun family bonding activity to do together. 


Helping with Chores More

Believe it or not, chores can be fun. Let your child help in picking what chores they will be responsible for based on what they like to help with. Even if the chore is not done daily, it can still be helpful, like having them set the table on weeknights, clean their room once per week, or water the plants every other day. 


Trying Something New

The new year is a great time to evaluate what your kids like to do with their time after school. It could be as involved as joining a soccer team, or as relaxed as learning to bake a new recipe. Not only will this help your child find their passions in life as they grow, but it helps to develop their curiosity and creativity.