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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means that your children will soon be home for their winter break. Finding activities to entertain your kids while they are home all day seems more effortless in the summer when the weather allows for endless hours of outdoor fun. During the winter, we are confined indoors and forced to get creative with our ideas. However, just because the days are shorter does not mean that kids will have to sacrifice their fun during holiday breaks. 

There are several fun activities that a parent or caregiver can explore to keep the children entertained until it’s time to go back to school in the new year.  


Set up an indoor camp or fort

Kids will love the challenge of setting up a fort made of pillows and blankets to later play in. If you have camping equipment and the space to accommodate, setting up a tent inside makes for a unique place for them to play games, read, watch movies, or have a sleepover.  


Go to the movies

One saving grace about wintertime is that a lot of movies tend to come to theaters at the end of the year. Taking the kids and maybe some of their friends to the movies is a great way to keep them entertained for a few hours, and it can be just as fun for adults as well. 


Enjoy a snow day

This activity, of course, depends on the weather in your area, but here in Chicago, you can almost guarantee a snow day in December. Kids can spend hours in the snow, making forts, having snowball fights, and letting out some built up energy. Just be sure that they dress in layers and keep their hands and feet extra warm. 


Go bowling

Bowling alleys are typically equipped with everything you need for a fun-fill day – arcade games, food, and music. Use bumpers for younger kids so that they do not get discouraged by gutterballs. It is a great group activity for their friends to join in on, too. 


Find some educational entertainment

Even when they are not in school, kids can still exercise their mental muscles with a trip to the library or a museum. These are great outlets for your children to have fun while also learning some new facts that they can bring back to school with them in January. 


No matter the activity, winter break is an opportunity to enjoy some much-needed family time together. Before you know it, the kids will be boarding the bus back to school.