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The summer months are a great time to try new crafts with your kids. A great way to entertain your kids and stay cool is to try outside summer crafts!

A pool noodle sprinkler is a great way to stay cool and get creative. This project is a very inexpensive option that can be done in any sized backyard. Check your local stores for the following supplies, the sprinkler. 


Hose (connected to a water supply)


String or twine

Skewer or Ice Pick

Four pool noodles

Duct Tape

What to do:

  • Please choose an area to tie up the sprinkler once you have assembled it. You should find a tree limb or pose that you can attach the sprinkler to with your string or twine. The sprinkler will need to be attached around 6 feet above the ground. Before you connect the hose and run the water, the sprinkler should be set 6-8 inches above the ground. The water weight will weigh down the sprinkler when you attach it. 
  • Connect all four of your pool noodles and seal them with duct tape at the connected edges.
  • Poke holes on the inside curve of your pool noodles with your skewer or ice pick. You will get a bigger and more even spray if the holes are concentrated facing the center of your sprinkler arch. Be sure not to poke the outside of their noodle.
  • With scissors or a small knife or skewer, cut a small opening in the top of your sprinkler. The hose needs to fit snugly, but make sure the hole is smaller than the hose’s end. 
  • Attach the sprinkler to the previously mentioned pole or tree limb with the twine or string, secure it with tape if needed.

The last step is to turn on the water and to have fun!